The Party Game: Significant Productions

World Premiere: Public Reading (2010)

Premiere: 10 October 2010
The Concert Room, Scarborough Library

Paul Elsam
Simon Murgatroyd
Linda Connor
Christine Haysom
Anni Kurmis
Mike Linham
Dave McColl
Elaine McColl
Michael Mooney
Karyl Rey
Bernard Riley
Beverley Rousset
Jacquie Stedman
Stephanie Tucker
George Turner
Nick Warburton
Note: The Party Game has never been performed as a play. It has only had one public airing which was a reading by participants on the Ayckbourn 2010 event at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in October 2010.
This reading was approved by Alan Ayckbourn with the intention it was to be the first and final public performance of the play.
All research for this page by Simon Murgatroyd.